Republic in Peril Oxford University Press 2018

Republic in Peril is a masterpiece of perspicacity from one of our greatest political scientists. Critiquing the ‘liberal world order’ promoted by our political establishments as profoundly illiberal, Hendrickson bids Americans to remember the words of their original prophets and return to first principles. Those with ears to hear, let them hear.”–Walter A. McDougall, Pultizer Prize Winner, University of Pennsylvania

“In this incisive, sharply observed, and utterly persuasive account, David Hendrickson offers a scathing critique of the blundering march toward militarized folly that has defined U.S. policy since the end of the Cold War. Citing the wisdom of the Founders, he also identifies a path offering a return to sanity–an approach to statecraft rooted in realism, modesty, and prudence. Americans concerned about their country’s fate should read this brilliant book.”–Andrew J. Bacevich, author of America’s War for the Greater Middle East

Union, Nation, or Empire University Press of Kansas 2009

“An original and important work, marked by graceful erudition and judiciousness. . . . A worthy sequel to Hendrickson’s acclaimed Peace Pact: The Lost World of the American Founding.“–David Mayers, author of Dissenting Voices in America’s Rise to Power

Americans tend to see their history as a parade of events. Yet at the very core of that history has been a debate over ideas and ideology. Hendrickson’s brilliant book recounts and reassesses that debate with originality and penetrating insight.”–Andrew J. Bacevich, author of American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy

“To be sure, Hendrickson has made an important contribution and not only to the historiography of U.S. foreign relations. By explaining how history and ideas have mediated American diplomatic concepts and choices, Hendrickson makes a powerful case for thinking historically about international relations.”–Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Peace Pact University Press of Kansas 2003

“”An extraordinary achievement, a wonderful book that should change the way readers understand the origins of the federal republic. Few scholars have grasped as well as Hendrickson the importance of federalism for the founding and explained its centrality so persuasively. This will, I am convinced, initiate an important paradigm shift in the field.”–Peter Onuf, author of Jefferson’s Empire: The Language of American Nationhood

“Hendrickson’s magnificent study convincingly demonstrates why the origins of the United States should be viewed from a diplomatic as well as a constitutional angle and therefore seen as a ‘peace pact’ that is comparable to the great peace settlements of European history. This is a very important contribution to both international studies and American history.”–Robert Jackson, author of The Global Covenant: Human Conduct in a World of States

The Imperial Temptation Council on Foreign Relations

The remaining books got good reviews, too, but I’m too lazy to look them up.

Empire of Liberty Oxford University Press 1990

Reforming Defense John Hopkins University Press 1988

The Future of American Strategy Holmes and Meier 1987
The Fall of the First British Empire John Hopkins University Press 1982

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